Dream With Hope For Tomorrow, Live With Joy Today!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)
A Review by Ben Hunter
Action & Adventure, 142 Minutes, PG-13
4½ Out Of 5 Stars
May 2, 2014


See this in 3D to get the full, VERY interactive, romantic, web-slinging experience!   


We struggle.  We survive.

We dream of better times, a life better lived than now.  To always remember to be happy in the present because tomorrow isn’t promised.  But wouldn’t life be so much better when the storm is passed?  There will be more storms after this one, so we learn to be content in the present.  But we still dream.  We dream of a better time, a better tomorrow.  There could be no tomorrow, but it has to be better than today?  We feel this way a lot, so we dream and we aspire towards that tomorrow.  For we feel that living without dreams is a life unworthy.  What is life if it is without passion; passion for a better today, an inspirational tomorrow?  THAT is a life worth fighting for; to live for, to dream for, to aspire for!  We don’t want to just survive; we want to live!  So we fight, we live, we dream, we aspire … we hope.

Spider-Man … brings hope. 

New York City, present day, Gwen Stacey (Emma Stone) gallantly reminds us to never stop dreaming and to never give up hope.  A noble feeling symbolized by the hero they all honor for his servitude, my personal childhood now and forever, Spider-Man (Spidey)!  The second story that director Marc Webb returns to give us a much more in depth version of his take on the character in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.  

By gosh, I have NEVER seen this kind of CG (computer graphics)!  The action was so interactive!  The cinematography made you feel as if you were swing from building to building along with our beloved hero.  From the first introduction of Spidey, the tone, mood, feeling, and pace of this 2nd installment was established.  The way the CG and cinematography interactively took us through a normal day of our hero, is something that brings out the child in us all.  I couldn’t help but sit up in my seat and smile the entire opening of the film.  It was if I was 11 years old again on a Saturday morning, eating my cereal in front of the TV and unable to look away from my hero swinging from the skyscrapers and battling The Green Goblin or Rhino as he did just that in this film.  All of the positive, childhood feelings immediately resurfaced from the quick opening sequence; making it last forever, leaving me with a smile on my face.  The tone, the mood, the feeling, and the pace of this movie was now set!  I’m on board with whatever Marc Webb is going to “sling” at us now, and he didn’t fail to deliver! 

Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield experience their love being put to the test.
Perfectly established in the previous installment, Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man resembles the TRUE physique of the character.  So this plays a major part in the acceptance of this new world of Spidey that’s now been created and nicely transitions to each story within it.  But Webb doesn’t loose focus and does an “amazing” job of entertaining us and making this one movie all it can be, with the dreams of the future of this Spidey, the tasteful morsel of a cherry on top of this well made blueberry & strawberry sundae.  I think the romance aspect played a major part for this acceptance as well in my book. 

I could nit pick the little things I found wrong with it, but that would be pointless really.  The bottom line, see this in 3D to get the full, truly interactive, web slinging experience; and let Spider-Man remind you to never stop dreaming for a better tomorrow and a today filled with hope, to discover why he is truly … “amazing”! 

Directed by: Marc Webb
Screenplay by: Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, & Jeff Pinkner
Story by:  Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, & Jeff Pinkner, and James Vanderbilt
Based Upon the Comic Book by:  Stan Lee and Steve Ditko
Cast:  Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, Paul Giamatti, & Sally Field 

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