The Newest Honorary Inductee Of My Favorite Actresses

Marilyn Monroe (First & Foremost)
Penelope Cruz
Julie Delpy

And the newest edition to my favorite actresses ... 

Ladies & Gentlemen I present to you:


PHOTO CAPTION:  Margot Robbie, Elle Australia Magazine, March 2014 Edition
As with most people, I first noticed her in Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street this past Oscar season.  As with most people, I was blown away by her performance.  I would like to think as most people, Leonardo DiCapiro, whom she was a co-star to, was indeed robbed of the golden statuette.  But I digress.  

It was during this past season that I started to look up her work and see who she is.  After the ceremony I speculated to all my friends that she was going to make this list but that I needed to see more of her to make it official.  Well, I watched the secretly acclaimed About Time with Rachael McAdams and Billy Nighy whom she fit perfectly into the cast.  Once again, her performance was strong and vibrant just like with Wolf.  She was one of the rising stars that came out of last season as she was seen with the biggest star to come out of this past Oscar run, Lupita Nyong’o, at a fashion show together with the rest of the talented new girls to grace the silver screen last year.  It got me to thinking about the Australian actress, “how old is she really?”  “Is she really 24?”  She can pass for “that hot older chick that could pass for much younger”; and in no way does “older” have any derogatory/negative connotations to it. 

For example, if WILL SMITH, one of the most if not THEE MOST BANKABALE ACTOR AROUND TODAY would risk being caught in the tabloids inebriated with this chick … YOU KNOW SHE’S FINE!  A buddy of mine and I were talking about this, “Yeah man, you know she’s fine if Will Smith, a man who never does something like being drunk in public, is out with her like that.”  With “she looks older” I mean “she’s oh so sophisticated and mature for her age”. 

She’s amazing!

Not just because of her looks.  As with every woman on my list, it’s because they’ve proven to me that their acting talent has kept my interest.  Keeping is much harder than initially obtaining, MUCH harder!  They deserve my utmost respect.  They deserve my complete attention in all that they do! 

I’m looking forward to Margot’s upcoming work and I’m so happy I’ve stumbled upon another honorary inductee to my personal, and very heart felt, prestigious list!

Check her out!

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