A Circle Of Endless Love & Encouragement

The Theory Of Everything (2014)
A Review By Ben Hunter
5 Out Of 5 Stars


Positivity, it’s a theory we all can prove to be true!


Young Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne) is studying physics “at University”, as the English put it, at the renowned establishment of Cambridge.  He meets his future wife Jane (Felicity Jones) from the get go and the two become inseparable.  They naturally fall in love as Stephen pursues his doctorate to uncover what he believes what could uncover the very logical definition of existence of all life, when stumbling upon black holes in space.  Thus deriving his “Theory of Everything”. 

However, Stephen encounters stumbling blocks along the way.  Midway through school he feels the need to distance himself from everyone, especially Jane, as he learns he has motor neuron disease, a vicious convulsion that keeps the brain in tact but not the rest of the body.  It’s suspected that in no more than two years Stephen will be dead. 

Jane fights for the two of them, giving Stephen hope to pursue his dreams and to live his life knowing that struggles will present themselves, but to endure and never give up on what you believe in.  So he does just that after some convincing.  Though Redmayne scintillatingly pulled this off with such a charismatic persona, making Stephen a wonderful person to be around.  Probably why I wanted to smile this entire time!

This is such a cute movie!  I say that because that’s probably the best way to describe it, “cute cute cute!”  Even through the hardships, Stephen fought with the support of those who were close to him and important in his life.  It wasn’t perfect, because life isn’t perfect, so this story wasn’t of a “fairytale” (you know, everything just perfectly works out in the end “and they all lived happily ever after”), but this was of a happy reality that we all can love and enjoy.  

I really enjoyed how positive and encouraging the people in Stephen’s life were.  His family was clearly hurt by his condition but because Stephen chose to remain happy, they did as well, the same for his professors.  Jane Hawking, going through the natural struggles of marriage, with this on top of it to become her normality, still fought to see the good in life as well.  In the end she truly did realize this in my opinion as she and Stephen reflect on their life together while watching their children play. 

Positivity is what I took away from this film.  It helps to remind me to always search for the good in others and in myself to help bring out the good in others as they see such in me.  A circle of endless love and encouragement, a theory we all can prove to be true!

The Theory of Everything
Drama, 123 Minutes, PG-13
Based on the Memoir “Traveling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen”
By: Jane Wilde Hawking
Screenplay by: Anthony McCarten
Directed by: James Marsh
Cast: Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, David Thewlis, Simon McBurney

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