The Reign of the Super-Man

It’s the New Year, 1933, the great depression is in full affect, and people are left without their homes. Their sense of peace and serenity is gone. A chemist/professor named Ernest Smalley randomly chooses a ruggedly dressed vagrant named Bill Dunn from a bread line. Struggling day-by-day for work, for food, for warmth, and desperate for that sense of peace to find home, Bill can’t help it but take the professor’s offer of “a real meal and a new suit”.

To inch closer to the home he seeks, and as part of the deal, Bill has to take an experimental potion from the professor who is eagerly seeking the results of its effect. Thus, Bill discovers that the professor is really a mad scientist; who only planned to kill the vagrant, using his desperation against him, and utilize the magic powered potion upon himself, provided it was safe enough. But the two were in store for a fatal discovery.

The potion gave Bill telepathic powers but it also made him intoxicated by it as well; transferring his desperation from his struggles to desperation for rule of the entire world; evilly using his new powers to obtain it.

Struggling for this power, the sins of the professor come back to haunt him and Bill ended his life. Yet karma restored balance in the world and Bill discovered that the powers given to him from the potion were only temporary and the professor was the only person in the world, the world in which he desperately tried to reign, who knew the formula.

As his powers wore off, Bill ended up returning to the bread line ... a forgotten and vagrant man … once more.

… But I don’t think the world will EVER … forget … … … “The Reign … … … … of the ‘super … … man’” … whose quest with the world … would one day … be re-defined!

On June 14th, 2013 … that quest … is re-defined!

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