A Successful Next Step!

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)
A Review by Ben Hunter
4 Out Of 5 Stars
May 15, 2013

A successful next step into the newly recreated saga for EVERYONE and not just fans. 

It’s 4 years later, Tyler Perry and all other outrageous, publicity stunt, casting choices are gone, and director J.J. Abrams has sufficiently taken us all into space … the final frontier (with Star Wars now on the horizon within that space). 

Star Trek: Into Darkness is an invigorating and entertaining experience that successfully raises the bar from its predecessor and keeps all moviegoers, both fans and non-alike, heavily interested in the saga.  This was something I always liked about this series.  Though some of the graphics looked like they came straight from the latest video game console, I thoroughly did enjoy myself. 

Having returned home, The Enterprise is now back in futuristic San Francisco (2259).  Chaos ensues in London with a rogue Starfleet officer.  The well mannered in the British light, yet cunning and thoroughly calculated John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch); who brings the fight directly to Starfleet’s front door.  Now with a personal vendetta, Kirk (Chris Pine) is ordered to go after Harrison and bring him to justice!

It’s quite something to see Uhura (Zoe Saldana) speak fluent Klingon, a language that my Trekkie geek friends have informed me is a real, legit, language by the way.  Or Kirk flying through space debree with no guide and wonder how he’s going to make it having to trust his enemy to guide him.  Or to see Spock (Zachary Quinto) show emotion in the most logical way he can yet having it still work completely for the rest of us, which was my favorite scene of the movie (and seeing Alice Eve undressed of course).  So Klingons, fast paced, heart dropping action sequences (it was kind of nice to see Spock chase Harrison through the area I work in everyday here in Los Angeles!), love & emotion, an overall entertaining movie going experience, a job well done Abrams!

I liked how the relationship with Kirk & Spock panned out a lot more in this new installment.  It accurately began in the first movie and it was properly fleshed out a little more in this new movie.  We see the two characters learn from each other with the traits they give and take from one another.  This was the backbone for our lead, Kirk, and how his arc pans out from beginning to end.  Though I did feel he comes full circle in the end, yet I wanted his relationship with Spock to anchor how abundantly clear it should’ve been made to us how he feels he deserves to lead his crew (his family).  I feel this was rather implied and not fully displayed.

Benedict Cumberbatch as the rogue Starfleet officer and villain John Harrison.
The award for best acting in this film, hands down Benedict Cumberbatch!  Whose name has a nice roll off the tongue (yet “Benedict” always makes me want to follow it with “Arnold”).  His character was always well calculated with every move.  He always had a goal, an intention, and a focus.  So it made me squint my eyes with a “I’m not too sure about you” kind of feeling.  Kirk is forced to trust him and as we experience what they do, I kept wondering about his true intentions.  Brilliantly acted and well told in the story.  One that partly takes place in London with an amazing English actor!  Expect to see more of him in Hollywood in the near future.

Kirk not getting the girl in the first film (a major problem I had) has now been redeemed with this current film (and he rightfully gets the famous beginning quote this time).  Spock & Uhura’s relationship felt like it belonged in this movie to make it whole.  As they go through what normal couples go through, dragging their friends/colleagues into the mix, all intricately woven throughout with quirky dialogue, heavily from Dr. “Bones” McCoy (Karl Urban) who does a great job, and Scotty’s wit (Simon Pegg) a brilliant and necessary ingredient to complete the story.  It all makes these characters more relatable and not idolized or unlikable; so great writing with this film. 

It was always nice to see this film pay homage to creator Gene Roddenberry’s original 1960’s TV series, as well as one of the previous films (1982’s The Wrath of Khan).  So it works for the die-hards holding the shotgun to Paramount and Abrams at the first sign of disinterest.  But it completely works for the person who knows nothing about this world that’s been recreated or wants to know nothing at all about this world.  Even that person can enjoy this film, a truism of both films now. 

Who knows, maybe J.J. Abrams will make Trekkies out of those people!

PG-13 fun for the entire family!

Star Trek Into Darkness
Science Fiction/Action & Adventure, 132 Minutes, PG-13
Written by: Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, & Damon Lindelof
Based Upon the Television Series Created by: Gene Roddenberry
Directed by: J.J. Abrams
Cast: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Benedict Cumberbatch, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, John Cho, Anton Yelchin, Peter Weller, Alice Eve, & Bruce Greenwood

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