The Mummy Is Once Again Returning!

The Mummy is returning to the big screen! Alex Kurtzman is in final negotiations to direct the reboot of the franchise from Universal Pictures. 

Kurtzman and his former writing partner Roberto Orci are responsible for some of the biggest films in recent history.  They’ve written either all or most of the Star Trek, Transformers, and The Amazing Spider-Man franchises.  Amongst other films like Mission Impossible 3, The Island, and Cowboys & Aliens, to name a few.  Back in April, ever since they’ve been so in demand from Hollywood, they decided to split ways as both are now directing.  Orci was recently announced as the new director for Star Trek 3, taking the reigns from J.J. Abrams who’s now intertwined with the Star Wars legacy, which could very well put him on the path to being on the level of Spielberg, Zemeckis, and the like if he pulls that off. 

Kurtzman is producing the new Mummy reboot with Chris Morgan, who together, the two are creating a cinematic universe with Universal’s monster properties.  Mummy is the first one out with an April 22, 2016 release date.  Eager to see what else is in store.  We’ve already received a Wolfman (which was one of the BEST trailers I’ve EVER witnessed!), and got an Oscar for make up; maybe we’ll get another original monster!    

I’m curious to see how this pans out.  It’s supposed to take on new characters and storylines, not recreating anything that was done before.  So a fresh take on the material.  I think Kurtzman is a great choice even though it’s gone through a couple of directors (the people behind Mama … cringe!), but that was before Universal started implementing their monster universe.  So this makes me very excited! 

This could bring out a new love for horror in those who generally overlook this genre, like myself. 

Let’s find out together!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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