1986, little did the world know that comic books, their characters, merchandise, television, the cinema, and the world around a 4-issue comic book series would change forever.  Frank Miller, a writer and artist who would later go on to create such famous graphic novels such as Sin City, 300, amongst other creations such as the comic book character Elektra, would embark on a tale of our beloved capped crusader, Batman, that gave us a side of him that resonated so deeply.  Miller’s take was a dark and “nitty-gritty” side of the character that gives him a more realistic and understandable approach.  People took to this side and the various portrayals of the character have reflected such ever since.  Tim Burton’s real life version a few years later with Michael Keaton and the sequel a couple years after that reflect the comic’s influence.  The Dark Knight Returns would even serve as part of the inspiration, alongside the comic Watchmen, that designer Vincent Connare would use to create the world renowned english language font “Comic Sans”.  

Today, the next representation of the capped crusader will be by Ben Affleck in director Zack Snyder’s Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice this Spring.  Snyder being a fan of the character wanted to use the influence of The Dark Knight Returns in his rendition of The Dark Knight.  So, seen in the bottom picture is the classic first edition cover of Miller’s monumental Dark Knight Returns comic and Snyder’s homage in a shot from his upcoming film in the top!  


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