Will Smith Is Once Again A Serious Oscar Contender!

Will Smith as Dr. Bennet Omalu in Concussion.  
Will Smith could be a shoe-in for his long overdue Oscar!

At the Hollywood Film Awards last week, Smith received a standing ovation for his upcoming film Concussion where he portrays Nigerian-born medical physician Dr. Bennet Omalu who, based in Pittsburgh, comes to the conclusion that many NFL players come to the short conclusions of their lives post-careers, due to the serious head to head contact received and initiated during their active years.  This stirs up tension to either let the truth be told, whatever that real truth is, or to brush it all under the rug and let’s all live happily ever after with bigger wallets.  Smith is a likable person and actor and at the awards show last week, most people hadn’t even seen the film yet.  So this helps is chances and is a good indicator going up against the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio (The Revenant) and Johnny Depp (Black Mass) that both are long overdue themselves.  The Martian’s Matt Damon has mass appeal and “blockbuster” on his side as more people are likely to see such a film. 

Nevertheless, at the TCL Chinese Theater (Formerly known as the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater) in Hollywood, during the premiere and Q&A of the film this Tuesday, Omalu himself was very adamant about his support of Smith and his overall approval of his portrayal in the story.  Everyone loves to cheer for the underdog and this is no different.  Add on the likability of the actor and you’ve got a viable contender to take home the top prize of acting this season!

Concussion debuts this Christmas. 

Source:  The Hollywood Reporter 

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