White Girl (2016)
A Review By Ben Hunter
3 Out Of 5 Stars


The youthful will admire; and the youthful at heart will admire how ignorant they were when they were youthful. 


You’re at a party, music-a-blazin’, having the time of your life; and the life of the party, the girl working the room, starts dancing on and with you.  Every guy in the room hates you, every girl in the room hates her.  After you tire out a bit she takes you to the side and offers you the chance to have more “fun” in a private room.  In an effort to be cool, to get laid, and to not look like a “dwebe”, you go along … and never forget the experience you had with the “white girl”. 

Elizabeth Wood makes her directorial debut with a script she also wrote depicting the life of Leah (Morgan Saylor) as she finds her footing while newly moved to the big apple as a young college student.  The narrative shakes when her and her girlfriend run out of weed.  So adventurous and outgoing Leah talks to the drug dealers on the street for a glistening supply.  Having now opened the door, Leah gets mixed up in a drug filled love affair with her new boyfriend and friends.  Losing her way while growing up all along. 

I used to fall for these movies all the time as a young student myself, fresh after the bell.  What would happen if you just “live a little” and “let loose a bit”, do something you stay away from all your life and just … “see what happens”?  Oh how much “fun” would that be!  The experience you and your friends will have that brings you all together.  The rush you’ll feel with all the excitement at hand.  THE SEX YOU’LL HAVE IN THE MIDST OF EVERYTHING (because that’s what’s most important right?)!!  Any negativity is “just a part of life” and “things happen” because, hey, it was worth it, am I right?  You had sex didn’t you (from a guy’s perspective, this is everything)?

From an adult’s perspective, and not a 24 year old, horny, film geek fresh out of class, this is a children’s movie.  An outlet for young adults to live out their fantasy and dream of all the possibilities that the journey of life can bring.  Hey, that guy from The Hangover  (Justin Bartha, the one the heroes were trying to find the whole movie and wasn’t really in the movie) was totally different and edgy.  Something we haven’t seen a character like that before, or at least we don’t really remember because we’re so used to what we fell in love with them for.  Like Sarah Jessica Parker’s “boo” in Sex & The City, Chris Noth.  To see him as a sleazy attorney just trying bang (gotta keep this PG for my millennials) was so cool because it was totally different from the suave we all know him as!  Can’t say the same for Focus’ Adrian Martinez (number 55 on the football team). 

White Girl is the oasis in the messy life desert.  The perfect depiction of how life “really” is as a 20 year old spending all your money on clothes, trips, boys, and not having enough for to pay your electric bill for them month.  But at least Elizabeth Wood has her career launched and at one point was rumored as one ofthe considerations to direct Marvel’s first female superhero movie with BrieLarson (Captain Marvel), but not anymore

Other than that, if you haven’t figured it out by now, this was sarcasm.  And spending time connecting with a real white girl would be more meaningful than this. 

White Girl 
Drama, 128 Minutes, R
Written & Directed By: Elizabeth Wood
Cast: Morgan Saylor, Brian “Sene” Marc, Justin Bertha, Adrian Martinez, & Chris Noth

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