Everybody Wants Some!!
A Review By Ben Hunter
5 Out Of 5 Stars


Throwing the GPS out the window, it takes you on one fervent and memorable ride!  


Remember when fun
Or try to think of fun
As living out care-free college days

Your parents are gone
And it’s time to bond
With rampant girls
Who all want to play

So you tag along your team
Your dopey headed beams
Of jock straps and brimmed caps

Cause everybody wants
Just some of what taunts
The skedaddle of bad times
Gone away!  


We witnessed Ben Affleck receive an acrylic antic and Matthew McConnaughey chase after high school girls who stay the same age all in the 1970’s with Dazed And Confused.  Now, writer/director Richard Linklater applies his creativity from following an adolescent boy in real time to following his own adolescent “boyhood” and reliving the glory days of the 1980’s!  

As if snapped in the summer of 1980!
It’s the week before school starts for Freshman Jake (Blake Jenner).  As a young up and coming baseball pitcher, the cream of the crop in his high school, Jake is now assimilating to his new team, The Southeast Texas Cherokees.  Jake starts to learn the dynamics of the team, the various relationships, and keeps cool when learning the social hierarchy.  
As the day gears up for the baseball season and the school year, the team heads to disco parties, bong sessions, themed parties, punk rock assertions, and chases girls at every turn in the process.  Fate fancies the introductions of Jake and Beverly (Zoey Deutch).  Who immediately cohere and set the events in motion of a fruitful connection.  All in the week leading up to the first day of school!

I clap my hands and tilt my hat to you Linklater!  I was completely off the bandwagon for Boyhood, so it felt quite refreshing to get back on board in a blindsiding manner and travel back to the 80’s.  And what’s even more refreshing is that Linklater was just pulling from personal experience and telling it like it was for him growing up during this time.  

The very essence of this period drove each scene further than its predecessor.  The attention to detail was simply magnificent!  Everything down to the texture of the wardrobe fabric to the step by step maneuvers of the dancing at each party.  Even the vernacular was carefully supervised to capture to true inclinations and tendencies of the era.  Thus taking us to the very year of 1980.  

Beverly & Jake (Zoey Deutch & Blake Jenner) find a genuine connection.
I could just see the actual beautiful women coming out of the 70’s and starting to get with the new decade.  I could caress the tactility of my dancing as I tried to woo a girl upstairs and have all my buddy teammates give me a hard time about it in a playful manner.  Seeing myself put a rose on a girl’s dorm room door in hopes that she’ll go out with me.  Avoid getting pranked as the freshman new guy.  I could just feel my own virility, circa my own college years, aching to have a shine in the spotlight just one more night as evidenced by how much I smiled throughout this story.  A story with no real clear narrative, which makes it all the more amazing.  There’s nothing empirically distinct about this.  Rocky has to fight Apollo Creed and win.  Indiana Jones has to find the Holy Grail.  Richard Gere climbs up the ladder to signify his love for the prostitute he’s in love with and has saved from an unhappy life.  … A group of boys, fresh into college, kick it for a few days leading up to the first day of class and get ready for the baseball season.  That’s it, and it works BEAUTIFULLY!!  
Each scene I was eager to see the dynamics play out in the relationships and how this would further things along.  Each scene kept me satisfied and hungry.  With no real clear politics average of what the outcome should look like.  I just relaxed and enjoyed the ride, for the rubies of the journey all throughout were the very treasure of the destination.    

And boy oh boy, did I want some!  

Everybody Wants Some!! (2016)
Comedy, 117 Minutes, R
Written & Directed By: Richard Linklater
Cast: Will Brittain, Zoey Deutch, Ryan Guzman, Tyler Hoechlin, Blake Jenner, Glen Powell, Wyatt Russell

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