LOGAN Review

Logan (2017)  
A Review By Ben Hunter
4.5/5 Stars 


So much graphic violence … and so worth it! 


A: All … the horrible … things … in your life … Your father … the war … knowing that the woman that you loved … was hunted down … I can make all this … go away … I’m putting together a special team … with … special … privileges … … Join me! … … and you will have your revenge (holds up dog tags). 

B: … I want new ones (dog tags). 

A: … And what do you want them to say?

B: … … … … Wolverine! 

Colonel William Striker, throughout the original timeline of the X-Men or through the newly revised, Back to the Future timeline, in one way or another, injected the adamantium into the skeleton of one Logan aka James Howlett born in the 19th Century, and created the version of what we all know and love as … Wolverine! 

Hugh Jackman is the 'old man ... Logan'!
Well, time has come and gone, and director James Mangold (The Wolverine, 2013) loosely based his final chapter on the Back to the Future timeline of the X-Men that’s floating around sometime well into the future of the latest events (2029). As Deadpool (apart of this Fox version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so it makes sense that he being charasmatic and able to call things out) brilliantly put it, “these storylines are confusing”. Nevertheless, Mangold just wanted to make a good, stand alone, final chapter of our beloved hero. Because Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) has stated well before going into this last project that he’s tired, in a very respectful and full of tacitly charisma kind of way of course. 
So here we are, we’re all in agreement that the torch needs to be passed, or something. Bottom line, this has to end. But in scintillating coincidence, Logan, our hero, has a successor. A young mutant. One of the last in the world as they’re no longer being born. So Professor X (Patrick Stewart), still miraculously kicking somehow, encourages Logan to look after young Laura (Dafne Keen) who perfectly embodies our beloved hero when he was younger. By gosh, oh boy oh boy … that. kid. is a spitting image of Logan! When Laura goes into action, or in better terms, when you anger her and unleash the inner rage (just like with Logan) the wolverine comes out (just like Logan)! No having to be properly held by the hand to buy this. No worrying if a young 7 or 8 year old child can truly pull of such a physical and emotional character successfully (I mean she was really cleaning house!). You buy all of it. It works! And when Logan jumps in on the action, it’s as if the lights have been turned on. THEY PERFECTLY GO TOGETHER!! Everything just works with Logan and his young Laura. 

So having to get the girl with the last of the mutants, Logan and the professor head off on one last ride! Oh boy … oh boy … oh boy! Hold onto your butts!

Logan & Laura 
I’m glad I caught up on my preludes before this story (Old Man Logan, X-23, etc.) however, it truly wasn’t necessary. Mangold and co. took the basic concept of the Old Man Logan classic and made it their own. So there’s no way our mind automatically compares the two completely different mediums of the same narrative. Which is the way it should be! Now you can’t judge the movie based on the book, you’re forced to judge the film on its own merits. I love how Mangold gave nods to the comic to excite us geeks yet still respected the cannon. Much love Mangold! 
So let’s gather merits. Laura perfectly fit into this world. I can’t wait for her next adventure. She blended right in with two veteran characters (Logan & Charles) that we all know so well as if they were our siblings. Laura immediately became another sibling. Though the overall narrative of why she had to get to her friends/the other mutants, how that truly drove the story forward kept me scratching my head even though I was still engaged by the little morsel of each chapter I was being fed, which was a good thing in the end I suppose. Still, Logan was old, he didn’t heal as properly and as quick as we’re used to seeing him. Deep down, I feel I didn’t completely receive the action I was hoping for. Though what I was given left me full as I exited the dinner table. 

A complete story fresh off the success of it’s cinematic universe roommate, Deadpool, that opens the door to new possibilities. A new world order that makes the claim that Disney’s PG-13, more family friendly, Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t the only way to make superhero movies. Logan is probably THEE MOST VIOLENT superhero film to date! With Deadpool not too far from its heels. 20th Century Fox is making a statement! Helping us adults to connect to our inner child in ways we never thought possible. I’m so excited about this! Marvel’s Disney way isn’t the only way as when we think “Disney”, certain protocol comes to mind. This new, violently graphic way, is just another way to tell a story. In particular a Wolverine story. In my opinion the only way to tell his/his world’s story. Notice I didn’t say anything about tone. Tone has nothing to do with it. You can tell a dark and grim superhero movie and pull it off successfully. I always reference Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy, and now I can reference Mangold’s final chapter in Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine tale! 

Laura (Dafne Keen) aka the X-23 project that created another Wolverine!
Take notes DC! 
Logan (2017)
Western, 137 Minutes, R
Story By: James Mangold
Screenplay By: Scott Frank & James Mangold, and Michael Green
Cast: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Stephen Merchant, & Dafne Green

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