Abre Los Ojos (1997)

Abre Los Ojos (Open Your Eyes) (1997)
A Review by Ben Hunter

4½ Out of 5 Stars 

I enjoyed this movie and was quite stimulated through its story, character development, and dialogue. Not to mention, utilizing Penelope whenever the filmmakers want to pitch the movie to you. Her beauty was that perfect touch, the icing on the cake to bring her incredible acting ability to full surface.

I love a good foreign film. Just the fact that it's in a different language makes me work a little bit more to stay into the movie. So I'm into the movie just so I can keep up. "I want to know how this will all turn out so I better not miss a sentence!" is what I'm telling myself. Just from this aspect I'm into a foreign film. But a good one, with an intriguing storyline, etc I'm DEFINITELY into because I'm following along and now I'm really interested in what's going on.

I viewed the film while staying with my Aunt's over the weekend and it took so much effort to just get the movie to play ... with English subtitles on her old DVD player! So with no efficiently working remote on top of all this I was kind of trapped into the movie to follow along. I couldn't stop and go back if I were to miss something spoken or visual relayed to us the audience. So I REALLY was focused and into this movie.

I loved how the relationships took their course, the best friends, the protagonist and the love interest, with the doctor, etc. Everything was believable from how the leads met to how it ended.

To some it may have been confusing when you get to certain points in the story. It takes an educated person to view this film and figure out in the end what's going on here. It's in the very end that it all makes sense (every SINGLE piece), we're talking the instant before the ending credits. Which I loved, because it's that "ah hah" moment that makes it THAT MUCH better. And you credit the filmmakers on such a good job because they totally pulled one over on you and stimulated your interests to the full degree. That "wow!" moment.

So I'd recommend to any educated adult looking for something to stimulate themselves and have a quality discussion afterwards. The world needs more films as such.

I had no idea Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise is the remake. I have to get around to it still and I WILL view that film regardless of how bad everyone puts it down. Penelope supports Cruise in the remake, probably because she enjoyed this film so much. It's a great story so I don't blame her for wanting to involve herself all the more in it.

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