Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Inglourious Basterds (2009)
A Review by Ben Hunter
5 Out of 5 Stars

Intense, suspenseful, dialogue and scenes ... magnificent!

I was intrigued and on the edge of my seat the whole way. From the very 1st scene I could tell there was something that both parties were holding back and I just had to know more. This continued throughout the rest of the movie! My hats off to Diane Kruger. Not just "that cute girl from National Treasure".

I love the foreign aspect of it. It really raised the bar of intensity with this film. I felt like I was culturing myself by learning German and French culture. For instance, how Melanie Laurent's character, Shosanna, would go to a "coffee shop"-like place and drink wine while reading a book there. In America, a girl would drink coffee or tea and read a book, usually. So little things like that I enjoyed learning about. Another instance, the "3" gesture that Germans do.

Tarantino understood how to raise the steaks and always keep the jeopardy deep to make you worry as to how who you're rooting for will get out of this situation. In the bar scene, the movie theater, the very opening scene, etc. It's all around a very quality made film. Which I would expect, he's an experienced filmmaker so anything less would be an insult to his abilities. For every set up, there's a pay off. For instance the 1st gun shots in the movie theater climax scene, the autograph, etc.

It's classic Tarantino, with that 90's feel title treatment and music. But I accepted it and went along because I knew that's how he shoots his movies. For someone who's never scene his work before, it'll all be new to them so it pays off in both ends.

The trailer led me to believe that Pitt was the main character. He was just the more popular character so it makes sense to sell the movie with his character. That's just normal, necessary marketing for any product. Just to get you to purchase it.

Nevertheless, I wish I would've seen more of Pitt and followed him as the main hero of the film, but as I mentioned, it's classic Tarantino. He likes to tell a couple stories that make up one big one. However, in this one they all tie in a lot more in sync and together to tell one big story over all. A lot better than his previous work in my opinion. Pulp is a classic so most people would debate this fact. Still "Basterds" was amazing in its entirety storytelling aspect than other Tarantino films to me.

I'd recommend to anyone who can handle intense, gore action sequences and gestures and can sit through a 2 and a half hour film. Which, to me shouldn't matter if the story's intriguing but some people it doesn't matter, they just can't sit through that long of a movie. I'd still recommend it to them if they could handle the gestures that take place.

The best movie of the year!  So make way, the Basterds are coming!

Inglourious Basterds
War, 153 Minutes, R
Written & Directed by: Quentin Tarantino
Cast: Brad Pitt, Melanie Laurent, Christoph Waltz, Diane Kruger, Eli Roth, Michael Fassbender, Daniel Bruhl, Mike Meyers, Julie Dreyfus, Til Schweiger

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