I Love Lucy, The French Edition

Scarlett Johansson at the 2014 César Awards in Paris
Well, I’m glad France shares my opinion.

Lucy star Scarlett Johansson is widely accepted as a new Parisian.  Lucy, in its second week there, has received more attention in tickets and ticket sales than the newly released Guardians of the Galaxy in its debut. 

Maybe it was the unfamiliar faces as stories of “who is Chris Pratt?” arose in the local media about the star of Guardians.  Could’ve been a French country naturally residing with their own, French filmmaker Luc Besson.  That seems to be the obvious answer, but I really wouldn’t be quick to assume such.  Quality is quality, crap is crap; and beauty is in the eye of the beholder so France seems to find more quality in Lucy.  So much so that the French Academy gave its star an honorary trophy at the César Awards.  Not to put down Guardians. 

I just found this news interesting as I’m one of the very few who wasn’t on the bandwagon for Marvel’s latest entity that’s been widely accepted and received a sequel almost instantly.  The average person who saw it loved it and most places one would hear almost nothing but the opposite of this story here.  

I’m just glad some people, like France, remind us that we’re not always alone; especially when we stand up and voice our opinions. 

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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