Lauren Bacall Has Passed Away Due To A Stroke

Lauren Bacall, To Have And Have Not, 1944. 
Betty Joan Perske, a young theater usher and fashion model, classmates with Kirk Douglass at the American Academy of dramatic arts.  Soon rose to fame as the Hollywood screen legend and leading lady Lauren Bacall starring opposite Humphrey Bogart in To Have and Have Not (1944).  Her work with “Bogie” continued in the film noir genre amongst others for years to come, cementing her presence in Hollywood and a place in our hearts.  She was actually married to Bogart until his death in 1957. 

Working with some of the biggest names in the business (Gregory Peck, Marilyn Monroe, Edward G. Robinson, etc.), Bacall became a hot commodity and had the power to take on roles as she pleased. 

The Academy honored her with the honorary award in 2009 for her love for bringing joy to our lives with her work. 

She passed away in August of 2014 due to a stroke.  But she will most definitely live on forever!


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