Once You Realize What it is, You'll LOVE it!

The Tourist (2010)
A Review by Ben Hunter
4 Out of 5 Stars

A sexy, spy thriller, yet very romantic, sizzling at points.

Contrary to the general consensus that every thought this film was terrible, I actually liked it.  It was just marketed wrong and we all expected a fast paced, action packed, spy caper type of thrilling experience.  Instead of a slow paced, a little action here and there, spy caper type of romantic experience.  

I loved the chemistry between her and her counterpart of this piece, Johnny Depp, who plays a math teacher from my home state of Wisconsin! He was dorky, by the book, nerdy geek that was opened up by Angelina's character.

This film was marketed terribly wrong! I think Columbia/Sony weren't sure if they would get the numbers they wanted at the box office if they marketed it as it is, a slow paced, sizzling, sexy, romance; and not a fast paced, action PACKED, on the edge of your seat engaging, type of spy caper type of thriller. Which is what I thought it was which made me dislike it a little when I got the point that it wasn't the type of movie I thought it would be.

But once I got the flow of things, cleverly demonstrated by the editing, I liked it. This wasn't supposed to be that intellectual thriller, yet it still made you think very much. It kept you asking questions about who was who and what was what. I think the relationship between the leads were in focus because when you know the entire story, you discover the true motives of the two, which is the love for each other. Which makes this more on the romance side and not so much on the action side, a misleading fact from the trailer.

I was won over and buying the fact that this was now a romance by the brilliance of James Newton Howard, one of my favorite composers. His music was very appropriate for this film. A beautiful score that heavily influences the romance of this story and has you loving this story now that you know what it really is. I totally calmed down and relaxed when I heard that beautiful music. I was no longer upset that I wasn't watching a fast paced, action film.

I could now enjoy the slow paced editing transitions, that weren't complex or trying to say too much in every little thing. The editing reveals and transitions meant exactly what they "appeared" to intend to say. Which is why the ending is so good. It's slow paced and you see why when the story reveals a little more and more to you throughout the experience. Every slow moment was necessary.

I love movies that are enticing all throughout the film and you're wondering is any of this relevant? Until the story just reveals a little more and more and you see that everything is completely necessary. Usually those stories overwhelm you with joy in emotion in the end, i.e. Little Miss Sunshine.

The reason Johnny and Angelina meet, to the first night they spend together, why Johnny decides to stay in Paris with her and not go back home, why Angelina rejects him, is all necessary. They're not slow, random points of the story. It's a clear case of Boy meets girl, boy looses girl, and boy gets girl in the end. And boy does he get her in the end, he truly deserves her! It just leaves you going, "Wow! I get it! Yeah that was amazing!"

Brilliant writing, editing, and direction. I recommend for anyone every been in love or would like to be someday. Or simply if you just love a well told story.

The Tourist
Spy Caper, 103 Minutes, PG-13
Written by: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, Christopher McQuarrie, Julian Fellowes, and Jérôme Salle
Directed by: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
Cast: Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, and Paul Bettany

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