So Eerie Your Pants Might Fall Off!

All Good Things (2010)
A Review by Ben Hunter
4 Out of 5 Stars

Such an intense and thrilling story! 

From the get go you know the mood and the feeling you're going to get from engaging in this story. That "on edge" feeling, that makes you just a little uneasy but compelling in what you're seeing to want to know why you feel uneasy. That takes a bit of skill as a filmmaker to be able to do put your audience in such a feeling. 

"All Good Things" is a love story that turns into a murder mystery and it surrounds the Marks family. A father (Frank Langella), who runs a successful real estate empire and is disappointed in his free spirited son (Ryan Gosling) for not having the interest in the family as he would want him to. A son who marries a girl the father wouldn't want him to (Kirsten Dunst) and opens up a health food store called "All Good Things" with her. 

So now we move into the newlywed’s relationship, now apart from their families we see what their characters want. As we move deeper into why Gosling and Dunst are doing what they want we see a turn in moods, personalities, feelings, uncovering shocking and unbelievable truths. Causing one to fear what will become of the two. 

The score, the timing of the editing, the pace and the spacing of the editing were great because this clever style of filmmaking is what keeps the audience engaged in the story. Director, Andrew Jarecki, would show you just little snippets of particular scenes a little before its time to make you wonder what it was. Then when you get there it all makes perfect sense because you've been trying to piece it together all along. You've been thinking about it all this time, a great way to keep your audience thinking all the way throughout as the story unfolds. Not waiting for the next point to happen and possibly loosing the viewer. 

The movie deals with drugs, murder, sex, and lies. So definitely for any adult whose moral compass can handle the topics.  As the story unravels, it gets very eerie and mysterious which shifts the mood into that of an uneasy one, but in a way that makes you want to know what will happen next because the feeling of the move has shifted.

Ryan Gosling gives an amazing performance for adult audiences everywhere who should enjoy a well-told flick.

Definitely one of the year's best!

All Good Things
Mystery, 101 Minutes, R
Written by: Marcus Hinchey, Marc Smerling
Directed by: Andrew Jarceki
Cast: Ryan Gosling, Kirsten Dunst, & Frank Langella

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