One of the Smartest Films You Will Ever See!

The Social Network (2010)
A Review by Ben Hunter
5 Out of 5 Stars

Another film that blew me away this year. Critics were saying that Jesse Eisenberg was getting some Oscar buzz. So it was official that I had to see this film. Rightfully so, Jesse deserves that buzz. Hopefully he'll get a nomination and go to a household name and no longer, "that guy from ..." His performance was amazing and truly incredible as he depicted Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg.

Zucerberg's fast talking, super confident, I know what I want, persona led him on a train straight to the top. I thrived on that persona and wanted to be there with him on his ladder of success. So this was a good job of story telling in getting the audience interested in your story and having them want to know more and care about your characters.

I felt bad for Andrew Garfield's character (who reminds me of Hayden Christensen and the entire film I kept referring to him as Anakin), I took a step back and held my feelings of suspicion towards Justin Timberlake's character, I didn't think anything of the groupie's because I knew what they were after. David Fincher did a good job in making me care about what happened to these characters and what happened in this world.

Not to mention it was just overflowed with the type of humor and witty conversation/walk of life that I thrive to become apart of each second I live! From the very first scene I knew this was going to be my type of movie that makes me feel that sophistication and class that I try to carry myself within. I pay attention to every word because the characters are talking in a way that I try to talk and I don't want to miss anything so I know exactly what's going on. Which just wreaks of brilliant writing! Way to go Aaron Sorkin, you deserve an oscar nomination just like Jesse Eisenberg.

I liked how it was based on the fictional book created about the original story that took place upon this movie was derived from.  That protects all the parties, who agreed to have their real names and similar actions depicted in this story.  Aaron Sorkin stated in an interview that the movie is told from everyone’s point of view which is better for the movie had it just been told from the protagonist’s point of view.  This is because it leaves you with a great feeling and a sense of completion and satisfaction when being left with an ending that “leaves it all up in the air”.  It’s hard for a movie to end this way and still leave the audience feeling good about the experience they’ve just been apart of.  The Social Network achieved this flawlessly! 

Excellent storytelling, AMAZING writing, PURE BRILLIANCE!!

The best movie of the year!

The Social Network
Drama, 120 Minutes, PG-13
Written for the Screen by: Aaron Sorkin
Directed by: David Fincher
Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Rooney Mara, Armie Hammer

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