The Dawn Is Coming!

1963, over 50 years ago, Pierre Boulle, a Frenchman and novelist, published a novel titled "La Planète des singes" or in English, "Monkey Planet"; a story that follows 3 human explorers as they journey to an orbiting planet of a star. As we delve into the narrative, we learn that humans like you and me once roamed the place. However, due to our war-like behavior, our inability to truly love, and live in peace amongst one another, our closest relative, the ape, has evolved, taught itself civility through our mistakes, and taken over as the dominant species. Generations upon MANY generations later, the human is a savage-like creature who doesn't know a word of English (or French in this case) and the ape is the civilized, sophisticated mammal. We’ve gone backwards and the ape forward. BOTH sides only know one truth … “Ape is superior to Man”. So our 3 explorers now stumble into this world and begin the intellectual battle for supremacy in this planet of apes.

This is a story that services the intellect and challenges beliefs ... way beyond belief. It's a story that's made humanity question its ethics and learn to love his brother rather than hate him. For over 50 years, this story challenges generations with its new renditions to teach the new wave of hearts; helping us all to become the loving people that we know, deep down, we are to be and not the savage like creatures we can become.

This Friday let that story remind you of the loving person you are!

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