Who You Gonna Call? Paul Feig!

PHOTO CAPTION: Ghostbusters, 1984
Remember Bridesmaids or The Heat?  Some key, recent female comedies where the director, Paul Feig, has emerged as the new frontrunner to be the director for GHOSTBUSTERS 3!!

This has been in the works forever!  Original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman exited the project back in March.  21 Jump Street directors Phil Lord & Christopher Miller were once rumored to helm the project.  But now the reports are solid that Feig is definitely in talks and is now the frontrunner!  

I remember when creator and star, Dan Aykroyd stated back in 2007 on The Today Show that things were looking up and we should all be excited for it.  Well, things seem to be picking back up and more information is now feasible about it making this all the more legit and to actually start jumping for joy that this will probably happen now!

Sources say some of the originals, Bill Murray at this point is not involved but Aykroyd is, will pass the torch to a new set of heroes for us to follow.  The word is that this will be a female cast!  I’m really excited to see a different take on the material.   My mind is now swirling with all kinds of casting possibilities for this.  I think casting will be key here, not too new, not to seasoned to have the sequels come off unbelievable with older actors, a good group of up and comers with just enough credits to make us remember them from something and looking for their big break and Ghostbusters is that big break.  Hollywood needs to do this ALL THE TIME!! 

I hope this film properly comes together.  Ghostbusters holds a special place in my heart.  Hopefully this new era for the story makes it a special place in the hearts of the new generations to come!  I think Harold Ramis, a recently passed original, would be pleased!

No release date is set as Feig is still in negotiations.  But be on the look out for this one. We should be hearing more about our beloved heroes very soon!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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